Is Cooking a Hobby

Is Cooking a Hobby?

We are almost into October and the coronavirus is still here, haunting our lives, and making us have much more free time at home, than we have ever had. But with all that time we have left, we wonder what to do with it.

Many people took advantage of the quarantine to improve talents that were previously left out of their lives, such as writing, music, painting, and bringing the list of TV shows and films up to date (because this is a talent for those who already manage that with little time), but one of the main hobbies that were most improved during this quarantine, was the act of cooking!

This hobby can be done for yourself, or for others – like preparing a dinner for your family, or even a romantic lunch with someone you love. Cooking, as a hobby, adds numerous advantages to your health, such as stimulating your creativity and your brain. That’s why, today, I’m going to present to you with four reasons why cooking at home, or anywhere, is a highly beneficial activity for your life.

1. It Helps Yourself, and the Environment

Did you know that when you buy frozen food you end up using twice as much energy and resources to feed yourself as you would take to cook a meal from scratch? In a more common language, it means that processed foods take much more energy and resources to be manufactured and distributed than to grow them.

A homemade meal is considered the most suitable for a healthy meal, and this is due to the control you have when preparing the food, as you can use less or more. When you value fresh ingredients, you start to realize what real food is, giving you more disposition in your daily life and a more diverse diet.

2. You Save More Money

We know that temptations to eat out exist, and tiredness or lack of stimulation are two very strong effects that make cooking not on our daily to-do list. Just thinking about the dishes that are left after and all the work to clean the kitchen, makes the desire to cook even worse, and increases the wish to eat out.

Although fast food or sophisticated restaurants seem to be cheaper, if you compare portion sizes, weight, or nutritional content, homemade foods are far ahead, regarding price.

The only major reason for eating out is the convenience it brings, not the price. Not to mention that all the money that you do not spend eating out, you can save for a trip, or to buy something that you want or need, giving you a greater control over what you consume, in general.

A useful tip is to cook more than one meal, at a time, especially if you live alone! Make dinners that last for lunch next day, and maybe even for the next dinner, so it takes less work.

3. It’s a Form of Self-Expression, Communication, and Relaxation

Just as playing an instrument, writing or painting stimulates your creativity, and brings self-knowledge and self-expression, so does the act of cooking. Cooking for yourself can be a way of relaxing, just as cooking for other people can also be a way of communicating, and saying through food, what you are feeling. In many cultures, in several countries, homemade food is really an expression of love, trust, and joy, as it is something that we can all relate to.

They even say that cooking is above all therapies. By focusing on the recipe and meticulously prepping the ingredients, you end up disconnecting from the problems that plague you in your daily life, and you can feel lighter and more relaxed.

4. Eat as Much as You Like, Whenever You Want, Whatever You Want

Your freedom really is priceless, especially when choosing what you will consume. That is why when you cook, you can choose the most unusual of recipes and ingredients, you can take risks, and venture into the dangerous, yet thought-provoking culinary.

This is one of the main advantages, and if you want to eat your favorite dish several times, who can stop you? Don’t forget, you choose what to do, in addition to the style you like best for cooking.

Final Thoughts

In addition to saving your money, eating what you like best, and still having the opportunity to surprise and amaze your loved ones with this simple and pleasant gesture, the practice of cooking will stimulate your brain. Also, there is no greater pleasure than realizing that the food you made yourself is delicious. This will give you more confidence for the next time, which will be great for your self-esteem, and make you realize that the task of cooking, which once seemed to be arduous, is not even that complicated.

So, enjoy this free time during this pandemic time to start practicing this incredible hobby. Thanks for reading and bon appetit!

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