Fries Vs Chips

Fries Vs Chips

Understanding a person who speaks your own language is already complicated sometimes, now imagine trying to understand another language that can sound the same, but it doesn’t. It gets even more confusing when it comes to food, especially when you’re trying to find out which food is which, and if it has similar names, but different cooking methods, you can get in serious trouble.

For example, one of the most talked-about foods with different names, in addition to the difference between cookies (for Americans) and biscuit (for English), is the American french fries and the British chips. Do you really know which one is correct to say on each occasion? So, if you want to understand a little more about it and understand the difference between them, stick around!

Overall Differences

For so many people, there is absolutely no difference between them, because both are potatoes, and they both end up going straight to our bellies, in the end. However, there are some people who firmly fight for this difference, claiming that they exist, and not only in the way they are written and spoken.

American french fries usually come in fast food chains. They’re thin and long, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. They did not come from France, as the name implies, and actually, their origin was due to the way it was prepared. After being cut (“Frenched”), they are then fried (“Fries”), and some people even think that the real origin of the name is Belgian, not American.

However, from a British perspective, not all french fries are chips. In their eyes, chips are french fries that you can see that they were once potatoes, because they are quite thick, and are usually next to a battered and fried fish fillet. As long as the potatoes are always relatively thick, and never curly, for the British, they will be chips.

A warning to keep in mind – no one in the UK calls potato chips  those cold, thin, seasoned potatoes in a bag or jar, like Pringles! For them, they are crisps.

Are French Fries Beneficial for Your Health?

For those who don’t know, after conducting some studies at the University of Granada, in Spain, it was discovered that french fries can be beneficial, but they must be prepared in a correct way, so they don’t harm your health.

Anyhow, in order for this to be possible, the potato must be fried on extra-virgin olive oil, and therefore cannot be fried on an oil basis. This way of cooking it turns out to be healthier due to the larger amount of phenols (which are antioxidant agents that strengthen the immune system) in the final product, therefore making it more effective in protecting the body, as well as preventing carcinogens, degenerative diseases, and even diabetes.

Even though this way of cooking potatoes is healthier, you still need to be careful! Therefore, this food, even if it is not that bad, should not be consumed daily… However, potatoes have antioxidants, offer resistant starch (which is a type that is not digested in the small intestine), and improve the feeling of satiety – it can be up to 7 times more satiating than a croissant.

What Are the Harms of Eating Too Many Fries/Chips?

A 2010 study looked at the dietary patterns of an average of 120,000 participants, and found that both normal and processed potatoes were the two biggest contributors to weight gain. Still, other studies have failed to find any association between potato consumption and increased waist circumference or obesity, mainly because excess calories, regardless of the food source, can lead to weight gain.

On average, the biggest problem with this food is when it is fried, specifically when fried with oil, because it is rich in carbohydrates, even though it has a low amount of fat, some vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, making it a great source of fiber.

Naturally, 100 grams of potatoes has about 65 calories and, when fried, this number has a tendency to increase. However, when cooked or made as a puree, it will not cause as much damage to those who do not want to put on weight.

Final Thoughts

At the end of it all, no matter what you call it, they were always delicious no matter how you make them. Who can really eat any type of fast food without these delicious beauties by its side?

We know that it has its disadvantages when not properly prepared or eaten on a large scale, but even so, we cannot live without them, just do not overdo it, and eat wisely and in moderation. Finally, it’s your only choice as to how you want to call and eat them. Thanks for reading!

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